Dr Di was in her office getting ready to order supplies.  Let’s take a look at what she will order…

Dr Di thinking about which supplies are useful when cleaning and restoring her patients.

Dr Di’s first choice when restoring and cleaning dolls is  Twin Pines of Maine Products.  They have various products for cleaning vinyl, detangling hair, washing doll clothes and more.  These are very good products and are made for dolls.  You may pay a little more for them, but they are great quality.

Dr Di also uses common products around the house.

Baking Soda is excellent but grainy and needs to be used with water.  You mix a little bit of the baking soda with water and use it to clean your dolls’ skin. Use a light touch.

White washcloths are best because they are not dyed in colors.  Use washcloths to clean the vinyl.  Use a hand towel to wrap around the cloth body of dolls like American Girl dolls.  Use a second hand towel to dry the vinyl after cleaning.  Use a third hand towel after washing the hair to wrap around the hair and dry it.

Always use clean water! Soak the washcloth in water then squeeze the water out before using it on the doll.

Other products that are known throughout the doll community such as Mr Clean sponge, Downy, 10% peroxide and many others may work, but Dr Di does not use them because they were not made for dolls.  Dr Di has tried the Downy Dunk once before to experiment on a restored doll.  The Downy product has a nice smell and may make certain doll’s hair a little softer, but it will not remove smelly hair, it will attempt to cover it and may cause  a worse smell.  Again any household product not meant for dolls, including Baking Soda needs to be tested.  Do Not Assume!

For taking care of your dolls’ hair, Dr Di uses common tools such as:   American Girl wire brush, basic soft tooth brush used for the hair but a separate soft tooth brush can be use for cleaning small vinyl areas such as doll nails and in between the fingers, hair pick for curly hair, small spray bottle (several are useful to contain small amounts of the Twin Pine products), pick comb used for doll hair to separate small sections.

Dr Di’s patients include all vinyl dolls and cloth body dolls.   The Twin Pines of  Maine products as well as any other product needs to be tested in a small part of the doll, like underneath the feet.   Different types of vinyls may have different reactions to products even with the same style of doll.

Accidents do happen, and through many years of doll play, dolls can get dirty, so try to keep your doll safe and accident free – but if something does happen, it’s good to know what you can use to bring your doll back to her original beauty.

Fun Facts:
1. Image of Twin Pines of Maine is from their website.
2. AG brush image is from the AG website.
3. Other images are generic supplies.