“Dr Di, Dr Di, Can you help me?”   Dr Di was surprised when she found who was requesting her help….

Fancy Nancy (a rescue doll from Goodwill), was in desperate need of a clean up, and make over.  She had several marks black and pink.

Her eyes were very nice and over all in good working condition.  So off came the dress and a clean up and scrubbing with Twin Pines of Maine Formula 9-1-1.

Once the clean up was complete, next came untangling the hair.  Separating the top part away and concentrating on small section on the bottom.

Just using a spray bottle with water all the hair was untangled.  This is what it looked like before styling.

Front and side look of untangled hair, still no styling has been done.  Notice the air has a natural curl.

Before introducing Fancy Nancy’s final look, let’s take a look at what Dr Di prepared for her arrival.  This is Fancy Nancy’s new dress up room.  The clothing rack is perfect to hold all her new outfits.

Fancy Nancy could not wait to show off  her new look.  The full size mirror lets her model her fashion selections.  Her hair was finger curled, selecting very small sections and following the natural curl of the hair.

As Fancy Nancy goes to check out her new outfits, we can take a look out how her natural curls turned out.

A closer look at the curls, side view.

A closer look at Fancy Nancy’s new look.  She is 18 inches and can wear most of the 18″ doll clothes and shoes.

Dr Di had a very happy customer, Fancy Nancy loves her new look and room.

Fun Facts:
1. Back drop and clothing rack are from My Doll’s Life
2.  The side box comes with the clothing rack and is excellent to store jewelry, socks and extra shoes.
3. The dress worn by Fancy Nancy is from Our Generation.
4. All other items are part of my doll collection.