Karen here, today I wanted to share some Dolly Decor Tips for those of you who want to see how you can combine items you have made with items you have purchased for your dolls. The above photo shows Ruthie and Chocolate Chip enjoying a dolly sitting room or living room set up on one of my shelves. While there are many wonderful doll houses on the market now you can use what you already have to create great doll rooms and storage for your dolls using items you already have.

To begin with I emptied one of my book shelves that I store doll items on and lowered it so the shelf measured 20.5 inches high, my shelf is 26.5 inches wide.

Then I added doll items I already had and made. In this photo I added the mailing box arm chair which is from a tutorial I did in August for doll play day 71. I use this set in so many of my craft tutorials, it is a favorite of mine and it cost next to nothing to make.

The wooden side table is from the craft tutorial I did in December  (note I used the chair again in this post!)

Then I added some commercial items I purchased or received as gifts such as the Our Generation Lap Top and Bag, a Lamp Air Freshener (with the liquid safely removed).

In the far right corner of the room I added the dresser I recently made here January 25th.  

It is the perfect place to display my small doll sized book collection, the books that come with the mini dolls and some other mini books that I have found at the local thrift store.

As bookends I have used the picture frames I created in November

They work really well on the dresser!

The room needed some art work or a window so I decided to use the photo from my calendar which came in the mail from a local Realtor. It is the perfect size for a picture window, I simply taped it on the longest wall of the self and then topped with felt curtains I made for Camp Doll Diaries this past summer.

(Here are the instructions) I saved them after my cat slept on the box and crushed it. Reduce Reuse Recycle!I used sticky backed Velcro dots on the curtains so that I could change the picture in the picture window. If you are making your own you can print a Google image or draw your own.

Then I added some personal touches to make the room more homey! I added a tea cup and saucer, a plate of cookies, my doll and her dog Chocolate chip, now it feels like home!

This is such an easy set up that it can change easily into a dolls bedroom or kitchen just by adding or taking away the large hand made pieces. Remember to mix what you have made with what you have bought to give that personal touch to your doll rooms. It is amazing what you can do with imagination and  what you already have.

I look forward to sharing more doll play crafts and ideas with you soon.