Karen here with some great dolly deals from my dollar and craft store! I have really enjoyed the Dollar Stores this Halloween season there are some wonderful and inexpensive doll sized items you can add to your dolls Holiday Accessory Collection. I already shared the Witches hat, and the Dollar Store Coffin box but take a look at what I found this week!


In the under $1.50 section at Michael’s the craft store I found these doll sized vials of glitter! They will make excellent potion bottles for my dolls collection with just the addition of some dollar store Halloween Stickers! How could I leave these caution signs! They are perfectly proportioned for dolls and I loved that you got two for $1.25 from Dollarama my Dollar store here in Vancouver where I live.


To make the little bottles look like they have Halloween Labels I added small stickers!


I added one small sticker to each bottle and I am thrilled with how they turned out! To get my doll to hold the bottle in her hands I used a piece of tape and formed it into a tape loop, placed it in her hand and then pressed the bottle into place. *If you are a parent or child worried about glitter going everywhere you can glue the cork stoppers on the bottles into place so that they will not spill.The little orange Halloween bowl I got last year at my dollar store they came three in a package as well! Check your local dollar, party and craft shops to see what doll sized fun they have waiting just for you!


These little signs are truly adorable and work with either your mini dolls or your 18 inch dolls! They are my favorite dolly fun find this week! I hope you are able to find some wonderful dolly deals for your own dolls.