Karen here, it is BBQ season and today I wanted to hare my polymer clay hot dog craft for dolls with all of you. These are easy to make and so much fun! To create your own you will need:

-Oven bake polymer clay, in tan, brown and red

– A ruler


-Oven safe dish

-craft knife

-paper clips

-sharpie marker

-fabric paint in red and yellow

-Wax paper

Step 1-Pre heat oven to manufacturers directions. Cover your work space with waxpaper

Step 2- I found that the brown I used was not quite the color of the hotdogs I usually purchase for my family so I combined my brown with red. If you are happy with the brow you chose you do not have to do this step. Work the red into the brown until completely blended.

Step 3- Roll out your hot dog color into a log about 2 inches long. Use your craft knife to make the indents on each end of your hot dog.

Step 4- If you are wanting to do the hot dog on a stick, un wind a paper clip and straighten out as much as you can. thread the hot dog on to your stick and set aside for baking. If you are going to bake it in a hotdog bun place it aside while you make your bun.

Step 5- Wash your hands. As you are going to work with a lighter colored clay be sure to wash your hands so that the darker colors do not transfer to your light colored clay. Change your wax paper so no color will transfer as well. Roll out your bun colored clay into a larger clay roll it out thicker then your hot dog shapes and slightly longer then  the 2 inches you made your hot dog.

Step 6 – Use the craft knife to split your bun open and wiggle your knife to open your bun as shown in the photo above.

Step 7- Place the hotdog in the bun and press it gently into place.  Place it on wax paper and place it on the baking sheet. Add your hot dog sticks as well.

Step 8- Bake in the oven according to the manufactures directions. Remove from oven and cool completely.

Step 9- To add some fun touches to your hot dogs like I did use fabric paint and make zig zag marks over your hot dog. Allow it to dry completely, I left mine out over night to dry. On the hot dogs on the stick you can use a black sharpie marker to make the “char marks” from the grill of fire.

Once your food is dry and ready to play with you can bend the paper clip so that your doll can hold it.I found these fun little squeeze bottles at my dollar store and they make a great addition to our doll play food collection.

I hope you enjoyed today’s craft and I look forward to sharing more doll play craft ideas with you soon.