Dolls Shows for 2010

I love it when I get questions from readers! I got a question from Teri asking if there are doll shows you can go to to see different types of dolls. Yes, there are, and lots of them!!

Here are just a few of the listings I have found for doll shows for the remainder of 2010. If you know of any that I missed, please leave a comment. I would really like to make it to a doll show or two myself this year.

From Doll Reader magazine:

Jones Publishing has an extensive listing of doll shows across the US.

Just Play Doll and Teddy Bear show will be October 1-3, 2010 in Winston-Salem, NC.

Dolls Show USA has a listing of doll shows by state.

If you like dollhouse miniatures there is a listing page just for dollhouse minis events.

The Barbie Collectors Convention 2010 is July 21-24, 2010 in Cleveland, OH.

And save the date for IDEX (the biggest doll show) for January 27-30, 2011 in Orlando; and Toy Fair which is February 13-16, 2011.

And of course, if you go to one of the doll shows, please take pictures to share with us at!

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  1. IDEX in in Orlando? I did not know that. I may have to cough up the money for tickets and go!

  2. cool i like tonner dolls

  3. cool…!


    An American Girl Debut
    Something big is coming to American Girl this summer, and your girl can be part of the excitement! Join us for a day that’s all about learning to be your very best. There will be personalized crafts for girls and dolls, and fun activities designed to let your girl’s inner star shine. Free and open to the public. For girls ages 8 and up.

    It sounds like new AG character although there will be bunch of tours and celebration and meet the author thing. What “something big” are they talking about?

    P.S. I’m SURE it’s not a new character. But,it’s free and open to the public,and that something big is coming to american girl this summer! I don’t think they’re talking about summer release.
    And it’s going to happen in July 13th.

  4. I assume they are talking about the virtual world that’s been rumored since the begining of the year.

  5. I saw that and was wondering about it too, Jess. I’m planning a birthday this summer at AGP and one of those dates is close tot he birthday date. Might be fun to add that into the planning if I knew what it was.

    Also, I go to IFDC every year. It’s always in Vegas and this si where I live. IFDC is more for adults tho.

  6. Its for AG’s new virtual world, called Inner Star University. Based on the name, I’d say its a JLY thing.

  7. I will be going to The New Hope doll Show in Nwe Hope Pa on October,10 2010. I go there almost every year. This year The Chatty Chathy Collectors Club will be there for there lunchion.So i will be in new Hope all that weekend. The show is from 9-3 at Eagle Fire Hall. One sellar who is always there sells alot of American Girl and Barbie stuff cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a Samtha book there for 1.00 last year. Another sellar sells alot of Ag and My Twin sized colthes for 25 cents each. I really hope Char goes!

  8. The MGM sale is better because they sell real retired rare American girl things for like 3 bucks.

  9. What is the Mgm sale? Anna.