As soon as the St. Patrick’s Day decorations come down, the Easter décor goes up!  I love all of the egg wreaths that I have seen on display in the stores.  I wanted to recreate a doll sized egg wreath for Easter.



1.  Paint your ring green.  Let dry.

2.  Hot glue the eggs to the top edge of the ring.

3.  Trace and cut a felt ring and glue to wreath back.  I did this to prevent the Styrofoam from shedding and to protect the dollhouse door.

4.  OPTIONAL:  You can add Easter grass to the outer edge for more detail.  I crumpled up a few sections of grass and hot glued them around the wreath.  I trimmed fly away pieces with scissors.

Due to the amount of eggs, the front of the wreath will become heavy making it difficult to hang with ribbon attached to the back of the wreath (wreath will lean forward too much.)  I chose to use a sturdy needle and fishing line and inserted the needle through the foam in and out to create a loop and tie a knot (I went in and out closer to the egg side of wreath so it would be pulled back onto the hook and not lean forward.)


The ramekin dishes from Pier I make great centerpiece and cooking dishes for 18 inch dolls.  I glued crumbs of Easter grass to brown wire (could use pipe cleaner) to create a candle ring.


Please see this link on how I made the egg decorating set, double boilers, chocolates, and cookies.

The mat was made from a pictures found on Google, printed to a 4×6 size, cut and glued to a piece of thick black foam.

Happy Easter…craft on!