When my daughters’ and I designed their dollhouse, we wanted one room designated for the love of music, art, reading, writing, dance, and sports.  We came to the conclusion that this would be the dollhouse office…the spot for doll creativity!!

Dollhouses are also a great way to not only display your doll’s things, but it is great storage.  The desk in the office is also the desk my daughters use to play school.  The office table is the science table when they play school.

Fill your office space with games, books, instruments, and sporting paraphernalia.  Make movie posters by finding a picture from an internet search and print it out in a 5×7 inch size.  I laminated these Elsa and Anna Once Upon A Time posters and hung them with poster putty.  Laminating is not needed.  I did this to prolong the life of the poster; my daughters like to rearrange their dollhouse.  An Apple laptop mirror makes a create doll sized computer.  These can be found on eBay.

Using a small amount of poster putty, I hung Merida’s bow over the table.

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