Remember Julie’s Christmas Gift – the Barbie Styling Head that all of us wanted when we were little girls in the 1970’s? American Girl retired Julie’s version, but I found an even cuter version at the Dollar Tree today for $1.

Julie's Christmas Gift Barbie Styling Head

This is the American Girl version that was Julie’s Christmas Gift. It was the doll sized replica of the popular 1970s Quick Curl Barbie Beauty Center.

Doll Sized Barbie Doll Styling Head

And here is the Dollar Tree version I found today. They actually had a few different versions – but I thought this one looked the best. I may go back and look at all the others closely, but I was in a hurry and just had to pick this one up while I was there.

American Girl Julie and her doll

Julie is so happy with her new toy!

If you have a dollar store near by, check it out, you never know what doll sized goodies you may find.