This doll zipper belt is a fun, fast, and colorful doll craft that fits perfectly with our theme of fashion this week!


Use a 12 inch zipper.  This size zipper makes a perfect fit for an American Girl doll.  First, lay the zipper out flat.  Run the Aleene’s Permanent Fabric Tape down each side of the zipper and cover with your choice of ribbon.  Duck Tape would also be a good choice for decorative color.

Next, stitch together the open end.  Leave a small opening.


Sew a large button the bottom end of the zipper.  Tip:  wrap the zipper around the doll’s waist to help find the best placement of this main button.

At the pull end (open end) of the zipper sew several buttons.   Tip:  I often placed the larger yellow button inside the opening to get an idea where I wanted to sew the smaller buttons in place.  I used a thicker thread so I wouldn’t have to use as many stitches. You could also use hot glue to attach the buttons if you wanted to.

To put the belt on: wrap the belt around, unzip the zipper a small way, place the yellow button end behind the zipper end,  push the button up through the opening, slid button into place, zipper shut.

To take the belt off:  Unzip and reverse the steps above.

How do you like it? If you make a zipper belt for your dolls be sure to take photos and share it with us! Email the photos to