And now a short story by Natalie…

All was going great on movie night until…

“Hey move, Nicole!” yelled Galina.

“Oh, come on you girls have watched this movie three times already!” Nicole shouted back. It’s true the girls had watched the movie three times already but, Nicole was talking to Elle on the phone for two out of the three times that they had watched the movie.

“Let’s all calm down, sure Mckenna’sΒ  movie is great but, I agree we have watched it three times already!” said Kailey.

“Thank you” Nicole said pleased. No one noticed Sonali sitting in the corner notΒ  saying anything.

Then they heard a loud grunt, it was coming from Kit. “What’s wrong on Kit?” Galina asked.

“Nicole, Galina, and Kailey! Why not just watch the movie once more and Nicole can go into her room and talk to Elle there.” Kit said satisfied. “Your right, Kit!”said Sonali.

After that all of the girls agreed on watching the rest of the movie and Nicole even told Elle that she had to go and she hung up and enjoyed the rest of the movie with the other girls. It was all Movie Madness.

Stay tuned for more Doll Tales throughout the summer!