American Girl Doll Storage

Today is Part 3 in my “let’s get our dolls organized series.”  I want to share with you my favorite storage system for dolls.  This storage system can be found here:

Itso at Target:

B+in at Home Depot:

American girl doll storage bins

This storage is a modular system with a series of cubes that secure together vertically and horizontally with provided clips.  There are a variety of plastic and fabric bins to accommodate your décor.  I chose a neutral natural color due the already established color provided by all the doll items in the room.  I believe the recommended stacking is 3 or 4.  But as you can see we have gone way beyond that.  We even were able to place a space for the air vent.  I would recommend no climbing on this system.  My daughters use a step stool or scream, “MOM!” if they need something from the higher cubes.  We have had this system for years.  We started out with just a few cubes and purchased more here and there as my daughters grew and expanded their collection.  These cubes can easily be arranged to your room and organization needs.

Each bin contains doll accessories.  All main clothing items are hung up.  Please see my two previous posts on closets and hangers:

american girl doll bin labels

I found the perfect bin labels!!  I had been on the hunt for the perfect bin label forever.  Paper labels either did not stick or when you wanted to change them out you ended up with a sticky mess on the bin.  I found these adhesive pouches from   They come in large sheets.  These pouches are high quality vinyl with an adhesive backing.  This pouch sticks well to both plastic and firm canvas totes.  I have never tried to remove them; I assume they are permanent.   What makes them so versatile is that if you want to use the bin for something else all you have to do is slide out your paper label that is inserted inside.  You can find the vinyl pouches here:  The size I prefer is item number 186-1907 (1-1\2” x 3-1/2” overall dimensions).

For the label I made a table in Microsoft Word.  I edited in pictures and words by splitting the cells.  I wanted pictures because when we first started to use this bin and label system my daughters could not read.  Before doll items, they held blocks, toy cars, dress up jewelry, etc.

See here for Label Printable in document form so you can edit.

Labels Template

I hope these three posts have helped with your organizational needs.  I can’t wait to see pics of your doll rooms!