Now that we have shelves to display my daughter’s dolls when she is not playing with them, I realized we need more doll stands. She has four or five of the nice dark wooden based doll stands from American Girl (that I picked up when they went on sale), but it seems that American Girl has replaced them with a new stand that has a white square base. Since I am not willing to pay $16 per doll stand, I went looking for better options.

Fibre-Craft Doll Stand Metal 5.5 On eBay you can find everything. I found people selling lots of 2 and 3 of the old dark base stands and then there are tons of stands that are not American Girl (custom search for American Girl doll stands). I have also seen them at AC Moore and Michael’s for much less too. And I just found them online at Create for Less for less than $3 a piece – in a dark finish and white – you can’t beat that.

I may get the dark based ones for the shelf with her historical dolls and the white based ones for the shelf that holds Chrissa and the other Limited Edition/Today dolls.