Camp Doll Diaries Week 7

Saige is busy packing and getting ready for the Camp Doll Diaries Road Trip. Before she can even start packing, she needs a suitcase and we are going to make her one!

Supplies you will need for today’s activities include:

  • Wooden Suitcase Base (check craft store, this one came from AC Moore for $1)
  • Craft Paint
  • ModPodge for Kids
  • Paper Images to Cutout – download as PDF file.
  • Optional Buttons and Ribbon


To Paint the Suitcase:

Step 1 – Cover the entire surface with a layer of craft paint.  This color is Folk Art Lavender.

Step 2 – Add a second layer and touch up blemishes.

To Decorate The Suitcase:

Step 1 – Print and cut out the labels from the Doodle Patterns download.

Step 2 – Follow the instructions on Mod Podge for Kids to adhere the cutouts.

Step 3 – Paint a layer over the entire suitcase surface and let it air dry completely.

Step 3 –When it is dry you can add buttons, ribbons and embellishments.

To Make the Passport:

Step 1 – Print and cut out the passport from the Doodle Patterns download.

Step 2 – Cover it tape and cut around the edges


Download the doodle labels as PDF file.

I added some buttons and a bow to my suitcase.  I also added a Shrinky Dink luggage tag.  Have fun making it personal.

If you want to make the travel bag, the transfer design is in the free download and the directions are on my blog.

Happy Travels,