I love to create things for the dolls using buttons.  With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, I decided that Isabelle might like a rainbow flower.

To make it, you will need buttons in the colors of the rainbow and wire.  I used floral wire because it is green and has a fabric feel to it seems more realistic.

Here is how to make a flower.

  1. Stack your buttons in the color of the rainbow, trying to get them sized from smallest to largest.
  2. Thread the buttons through the wire (one hole each).
  3. Thread the wire back through the button stack in the other hole.
  4. Bend the remaining wire to create a stem and petals.

Isn’t she cute showing off her newest addition to her accessories.

You can make a rainbow with buttons too.  This would be really fun for decor for a doll-sized party!  The directions for this project are on my blog.

If you want some little rainbows to cut our for making little things, I put some together for you to use – you can download them as a PDF file.

Have a BRIGHT and Radiantly Colorful Day,