Camp Doll Diaries provides A LOT of fabulous indoor activities but we believe that lots of time should be spent outdoors, too.  Here is a  Capture the Flag game you can create to be played with your dolls (or your friends) outdoors.  Of course the first part is to make the flags which is probably an indoor thing.  To make the flags, I used felt from Kunin Group, wooden sticks and Aleene’s Tacky Glue.

I also made a Camp Doll Diaries sign to mark the home base for doll sized outdoor games with a wooden block.  I painted it first with Tulip Slick paint in Blazin’ Blue then let it dry.  When it was dry, I used Collage Pauge to add the paper cutout with the camp logo.

And then it was time to hit the woods find the flags and get the game started.

Saige sat down and thought about where to hide her flag.

Then she decided to put it high in the trees.

Nicki hid her team’s flag in the middle of the stream.  She sure loves her cowboy boots.  She is wearing them while she jumps on the stones to get to the middle of the flowing water.

Coconut got in on the game too.  He hid the pet team flag deep in the brush.

Who do you think will win this round?

Happy creating, playing and spending time outdoors,