ShannieJo loved our Road Trip theme last week and their dolls went to the carnival. She sent in this fun photostory for us to enjoy today!


Doll Carnival

The weather has been extremely hot here, so we decided to throw an indoor carnival to keep everybody happy and busy. We put Ivy in charge of the Ring Toss game and had mini teddy bears for prizes. The backdrops we used were the AG Theater set bought last year and the AG Doll Dining set that was on sale earlier this year. We covered them with construction paper and added labels printed on the computer. The bottles for the ring toss are from a mini bowling set we had at home and the rings are small hair ties.

Rebecca couldn’t wait to buy cotton candy and salt water taffy from her friend Kit. The Sweets booth is always a big hit! We bagged up real cotton candy we bought at the dollar store and tied it with pretty ribbon and the taffy is made with cut up straws that we wrapped in wax paper. Rebbeca was also a big winner at the ring toss game and loves her prize teddy.

Ruthie was in charge of the Snacks booth. She was really busy keeping up with all the hungry and hot carnival goers. We made the rock candy with small sucker sticks and hot glued beads to them. We used various AG food items as well. Doesn’t everybody just love carnival food?


Of course no carnival is complete without balloons and Saige was in charge of that. We simply used regular balloons tied to sucker sticks with curling ribbon.

For entertainment we held a Talent Show. McKenna went first with Barksee preforming his hoop and ball trick. We hope you enjoyed our carnival and are inspired to create your own. Enjoy your summer and try to stay cool!


Thanks so much ShannieJo – this is just too cute!!