Silly Reindeer Hairstyle

It’s time for another fun doll play idea! I found a photo on Pinterest of a sock bun turned into reindeer antlers that is just so cute, but I decided to do my own take on a silly reindeer hairstyle for your dolls.

Easy reindeer hairstyle for dolls

Gwen is going to a Crazy Christmas Party this evening and wanted to do something fun and easy. All you need to make this cute look is three brown pipe cleaners and a if you want, a few stick on jewels.

Step 1 – Divide your doll’s hair into two sections and put it up into two high ponytails.

Step 2 – Take one brown pipe cleaner and fold it in half then wrap it around the ponytail and twist the ends together so they stick straight up.

Step 3 – Cut one of the pipe cleaners into 4 pieces. Take one of the short pieces and wrap it around the tall piece to make antler parts.

Step 4 – Wrap another short piece higher up on the tall piece.

Step 5 – Repeat on the other ponytail.

Step 6 – Optional – add stick on gems to the ends of the antlers and add a red one to your doll’s nose.

Reindeer hairstyle for dolls

Gwen has her Groovy friend’s dog and a stocking ready to take with her on the Santa Express.

A variation of this hairstyle would be to attach antlers to a doll headband – either one from plastic or ribbon. You can shape your antlers however you want or use different colors for variation, too.

Have a great day!