Printable Winter Worksheets for Dolls

Woops! I forgot to post this yesterday so you will get two for today.

You know those last few days before Winter Break where your teachers don’t really want to teach you something new (because they know you will forget it immediately), but they don’t want you running all over the classroom like crazy people, so they give you a gazillion puzzles, coloring pages and worksheets to do? Yep, your dolls are going to get them too! I used to own a website full of printables I made just for kids so I just happen to have quite a bit to draw from and I think they are just as much fun in doll size as they are in kid size.

printable doll sized winter christmas worksheets

Emily just opened her pencil bag to get her colored pencils (made from pipe cleaners) out and start on the first activity sheet her teacher gave her.

In case you are wondering – the back drop is the four room doll house from American Doll Houses and the desk is from The Queen’s Treasures.

printable doll sized winter christmas worksheets

Download the Doll Sized Winter Worksheets as a PDF and your dolls will have nine fun activities to do in class the last few days before break.

Doll Sized Winter Worksheets

I think Emily is going to need some help with that word search! Once she is done with all her worksheets, she will want to store them in a folder. You can make a fun holiday themed folder using our folder pattern from this summer and a holiday card or holiday inspired card stock.

Have fun at doll school!!