Doll Play – Print and Play Dreidel Game

Doll Sized Dreidel printout

The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah begins on December 16th this year and one of the most iconic symbols of Hanukkah is the dreidel. The dreidel is a top like game piece you use sort of like dice to play a simple, but fun game.  The sides of the dreidel have the Hebrew letters “Nun, Gimmel, Hey, and Shin” on them stand for words that mean “A great miracle happened there.”

McKenna and Ruthie are today’s models and you will find the printable for making your own dreidel and the directions for playing the game below. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or not, the dreidel game is fun to play.

Doll sized printable dreidel

McKenna is explaining the rules of the Dreidel game to Ruthie – “First you spin the dreidel and then depending on which side lands facing up you either get coins or put coins back in or neither.”

Doll sized hanukkah dreidel

“And who ever finishes with all the coins, wins,” said McKenna as Ruthie looked to see that her pile of coins was empty.

Printable doll sized dreidel and how to play the game

Step 1Download the Dreidel game activity as a PDF file and follow the directions on the page to make the dreidel.

Step 2 – Using a hole punch and yellow/gold construction paper, punch out 10-15 “coins” for each doll who is playing.

Step 3 – Divide the coins among your dolls evenly and have fun playing the dreidel game!

Last year Karen showed us how to make a Menorah for dolls out of some basic supplies from the craft store. If you would like to make your dolls a Menorah to help them celebrate Hanukkah, go to the Doll Sized Menorah Craft post.

Have fun and get creative in decorating your dreidel!

PS – McKenna is wearing the AG Frosty Party Outfit, Ruthie is wearing Glitter Girl from Carpatina, the table is from The Queen’s Treasures and the backdrop is from American Dollhouses.

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    secondie! really cute will try to make!

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  4. Char-
    Are you doing spotlight sites for December?

  5. Yes, they are scheduled for this weekend.

  6. I have a small dreidel I got from a friend’s Hannukah party a few years ago. Nice activity whether you’re Jewish or not.

  7. I found a mini dreidel in one of our holiday tubs!

  8. Yay :) i love printables

  9. Mckenna looks so pretty!

  10. In the first picture, I didn’t even recongize McKenna. Funny that Ruthie finds no coins! :)

  11. Mckenna looks cute!

  12. omg thank you! Cant wait for Hanukkah this weekend!

  13. Megan!!!!!! says:

    awww how cute Char!!! u did great! ( as u do all the time!!! )

  14. This is great! Are you planning on doing any more Christmas crafts? Even though I celebrate Christmas, I can’t wait to make this!

  15. Megan – absolutely – we have so much awesomeness still to go!

  16. OMG!!!!!!!!! In Chorus we are doing a song and is called “Nes cadel hiya sham” and it means “A great miracle happened there.”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coolio!!!!!! 😀

  17. Omigerd ! I <3 tht game !!!!!!

  18. Stephanie378 says:

    I’m Jewish so This is so awesome! I already have the Hanukkah set! :) I have a question though: Is the mckennas beam and bar set still open for sale?

  19. As far as I know, it is sold out

  20. iluvdolls says:

    Thanks, Char! We’re Jewish too and have Rebecca’s set and the JLY set that came with the necklace. We add a candle each night to the doll’s menorahs when we light ours and I cannot wait to make this Dreidel craft. Then all my dolls can play! Also loved Karen’s Menorah craft! 😉

  21. Cute!

  22. I’m Jewish too, and I think this is so cute!

  23. I just died LOL can’t wait! <3

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    Very cute! I’m not Jewish, but I still think it’s awesome. : )

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    QUESTION! is Mckenna all sold out???? ( i no i already have her, but i am curious to no!! )

  26. Stephanie378 says:

    Happy Hanukkah everyone! Megan!!!!!, i think McKennas isint available, or its just backordered. I looked online at amarican girl, and they say that McKennas beam and bar is backordered until march 2013! That makes no sense because Mckenna retires then,right?

  27. OMG i luv McKenna’s dress she’s wearing i wood die if i had it rite now!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. This looks like a lot of fun and my Katherine and Rose are eager to play. Thank you for the printable—I so appreciate printables! Both of your dolls look beautiful in their holiday outfits.

  29. Hey! My birthday is December 16th! That’s cool.