Make Sparkly Wrapping Paper

Make your own bold, sparkly, doll gift wrap!  You will love the way this turns out and will have fun making it!  It’s a great project to do as a family or with friends.

Sparkly gift wrap for dolls

I have such fun memories making this with my young family for our own Christmas wrapping paper.  Today, I’ve kept the same vibrant and bold colors, only with a more trendy palate and added sparkle!

Sparkly gift wrap for dolls

Of course, you will use your own creative touch and come up with colors and patterns that will “wow”!

Sparkly gift wrap for dolls

For the gifts under our tree, we have always used tissue paper.  It is a little delicate so I decided to make the doll sized version with coffee filters.  They are a great size for doll gift wrap, are sturdier, and most importantly, absorb the color in a similar way.

Can you believe the color comes from regular food coloring?  Except, my food coloring today is “irregular”, regular food coloring, because it is neon!  Using neon colors is a first for me, but I knew it was going to great, because look at those fun colors!

To get started you will need to set up at a kitchen table.  Keep in mind we are working with food coloring, which can stain.  Wear old clothes and an apron.  Lay down newspaper if you need to protect the table top.  Set up a drying station with newspaper spread out.

Supplies you will need:

  • newspaper
  • coffee filters
  • small dishes to hold color
  • 10 drops of food coloring per dish
  • 1/2 Tablespoon water per dish
  • CollagePauge or ModPodge
  • foam brush
  • glitter
  • ribbon, tape and bows for wrapping

Now that you are ready to go, take a coffee filter and fold or crumple it.  I’ve shown you 2 different folds and a crumple to get you started.  Depending on how you fold and crumple, you will get different designs.  It is fun to experiment and try different ways.

Now you need your color liquids.  Using small dishes, measure a 1/2 Tablespoon of water and 10 drops of food coloring for every color you want.  Come up with your own custom colors by adding a little of this color and a little of that color!  Wow, the options are endless!

Once your colors are ready to go you will dip a little part of the folded/crumpled coffee filter in the color.  It will immediately start wicking up the color.  You decide how much color to absorb.  It happens quickly so watch carefully.  In this example, I let it absorb very little so it would leave some white.

When you have all the colors you want, open it up and set it to dry on your newspaper drying station.  You won’t see the true beauty of the colors until it is dry.

Below, this dry example was made out of the crumpled filter.  This time I left very little white.  Isn’t the color variation cool?  Although, there is a small spot of green, the rest is a combination of dipping it in purple (looks like pink), blue, and dark purple (a mixture of purple and a little blue).

This is usually the finished product and it is a bold and colorful wrapping for your gifts!  For the dolls, I had to add a little sparkle, to dress up this holiday paper.

To add sparkle, lightly spread Mod Podge on one side.

Sprinkle a little glitter across the surface and let it dry.

After it was all dry, I reached for some empty boxes and wrapped up a few decorative “gifts” to stay under the doll tree all through the holiday.

Add a little ribbon and a bow and you have a sweet addition to your doll scene this holiday season!

And just because it’s so pretty don’t be afraid to really use it as wrapping paper for those little gifts you have for your doll to “open” Christmas morning!

It’s time to get wrapping!