First of all, I have to say it’s good to be part of the Doll Diaries team!  Thank you for your warm welcomes and kind words last week!  Now let’s play!  I have another Saige (AG Girl of the Year) inspired craft this week.  We are trying out Saige’s feather earrings look.  You see, Morgan had her ears pierced for Christmas and we are excited about all the possibilities with this accessory.    

Make Feather Earrings and Necklace for dolls

What if your doll doesn’t have pierced ears?  No worries!  Morgan is our only doll with pierced ears so I didn’t want anyone to feel left out!  All the girls can try these cute feathers on necklaces!

Make Feather Earrings and Necklace for dolls

Easy to make and fun to accessorize!

Make Feather Earrings and Necklace for dolls

Now let’s get started!

Make Feather Earrings and Necklace for dolls tutorial

You will need:

1. Getting Started

Before you print off the PDF Earrings and Necklace Pattern decide if you want to color the earrings in with colored pencils and markers or print them on patterned scrapbook paper.  This pair I decided to color in myself.

After printing the pattern on white card stock I used blue and turquoise colored pencils to add color.

These paper earrings need some strength.  That comes from packaging tape.  A strip on the front of the earrings and on the back should do it!

2. Piercing Paper

I have a simple trick for you to put a small hole in a piece of paper without wrinkling, crinkling or bending it.  You will need a hand towel folded twice, a large sharp needle and a nail (please get an adult to help or supervise!).  Place the prepared pattern on the folded towel.

Take the needle and poke it through the paper into the towel.  You can pick up the paper and pull the needle all the way through now.  With the paper back on the towel, pierce the paper with the nail. Your nail should be about the same thickness as the earring posts you will be using.   Practice on an extra piece of paper to make sure the size is right.

Cut the earrings out. 

Now let’s stretch out the sequin hole.  Place the sequin on your towel and push the nail into it.  

This will get it started and then you can pull the sequin onto the nail.  After you remove the nail you will have a nice size hole.

3.Putting it all together

Push the sequin and then feather onto the earring post.  They are ready to wear!

Now to fit some feathers onto a necklace.   You will need jump rings.

Open up the jump ring.   

Thread  the sequin and feather onto the jump ring.  Place it on 6 inches of Sparkle Elastic Chord that has been tied in a square knot.  Close the jump ring.

For fun I added extra sequins with jump rings to Julie’s necklace!

These girls are all accessorized!  They are having fun trying Saige’s fashions! 

Try these simple feather earrings and necklace for your dolls! 

A few more details-

  • Dolls: Julie, AG Historical Doll and Morgan, AG #25 
  • Outfit: Julie’s Casual Outfit and Cap, AG Soft-as-Snow Outfit
  • Hairstyle: 2 strand twisted rope braid
  • Scene: Crafted, thrifted and upcycled by Anna

Have a great week and I’ll have another doll play craft for you next week!