How to make a cake stand for dolls

First of all, Happy 13th Birthday to my daughter Natalie today!!  Today’s doll play activity from Anna is perfect for the occasion!

Your doll’s table will be ready for any party with this fun looking, easy to make, cake stand.

How to make a cake stand for dolls

Don’t limit yourself to cake though!

How to make a cake stand for dolls

It’s a fun way to serve any doll food!


To make the doll cake stand you will need:

  • duck tape
  • lid from a jar (mine is an applesauce lid)
  • 4 milk or water bottle caps

1.The Top 

Let’s cover the top of the cake stand.  Lay down a strip of duck tape that is larger than your lid by at least 1/2” on the sides.  Add a second piece of tape to completely cover the lid.

With scissors, cut slits about 1/2” apart all the way around the outside of the lid.  This will  prevent wrinkles on the curved edge of the lid.

Wrap each cut piece around the sides.

2. The Sides

We are going to give the sides a smooth finish.   With the tape end in hand, line up the tape edge and the edge of the cake stand top and start wrapping around.  Wrap and line the edges up, all the way around.  When you get close to where you started, cut the tape.

This is what it looks like on the bottom of the cake stand.  Cut slits along the extra tape and wrap each piece towards the bottom of the cake stand.

Work your way around, until it is all completed.

3.The Stand

To start the stand, we are going to cover a milk cap.  It is very similar to the way we covered the cake stand top.  Center the milk cap on the tape end with extra tape on each side.  Cut the tape end so there is extra tape on all sides.  Just like the cake stand top, cut slits in the extra tape and wrap around the edge.

Position milk caps on the tape end.  Line up the bottom cap with the edge of the tape.  Set the caps side by side and roll them along the tape.  Cut and finish the roll.

Cut slits in the extra tape.  Push the tape tabs back so they lay relatively flat.  These sticky tabs are going to connect the stand to the cake stand top.

With the cake stand top laying upside down, center the stand and press.  With your finger, press the tabs and make sure they are secure.  All done!

Now for the goodies!  We have cookies and candies and cake.

Our cookies are mini ornaments, our candies are real sprinkles, and I made the cake out of felt.

Make a doll cake stand to serve up some of your doll party food!

Thanks so much Anna for another fabulous doll play idea! Visit the Doll It Up site for more fun or visit her on Facebook, too!