By Karen of Karen Mom of Three

One of the great things about dolls is you can play just about anything with them and if you are a fan of dolls and shopping this is an article for you. Sometimes when setting up for doll play it takes so long that by the time you set up it is time to clean it up and put it away. Here is a quick set up and fun idea for a doll shop.

creative play doll store

Using a back drop like the one I created in last weeks post, I painted a cardboard back ground in white so I could use it for just about any setting a restaurant, living room or store. I then used only items I found at the dollar store, yard store, thrift store and hand made to create this fun doll shop. To create the sign and matching counter top for the store I used dollar store scrap book paper, and stickers, a jewelry sized bag works great as a doll sized shopping bag. You can find these in just about any party store. The money my doll Chrissa is holding is from a great pattern website called Doll Clothes Patterns – the pattern for the money is a free down load.

The dresses and wire hangers I made (The white ones are from American Girl ). My Maplelea doll Brianne is holding one of my favorites. The table is one of my favorite thrift store finds at $1.99 for table (and two chairs not shown) it is one of the best deals I have ever got. However the finger tip towel rack that I am using as a clothing rack has to be another one of my great yard sale finds.

repurposed household items for doll props

I paid fifty cents for it and love the addition it has made to my doll play collection. It also doubles as an extra space saving doll clothes rack for my dolls clothes.

You can use any free standing towel rack to create this sale rack. I know that when I am in the thrift stores I often come across them. They do not have to be metal or round. I am on the look out now for other shapes to add to my collection, as I prepare to get the courage up to do a craft fair in my area. For now though my dolls enjoy shopping at home and are enjoying the great “pre-sale” selection. Think about other items you may have in your home that can double as doll play items as I have done here.

Maplelea Brianne

I look forward to sharing more doll play related tips next week. What are your dolls going to do this weekend?

– Karen