Table top cone tree

I was playing around with a few different ways to make a doll sized table top Christmas tree when I remembered the paper cone trees my friend Jen Goode made with her daughter a few years ago. Not only is this simple, but you can experiment with different sizes, papers and decorations easily. You can make the tree itself from a wide variety of materials you probably already have, too.

Doll sized Table Top Christmas Tree

Kit is enjoying some waffles with whipped cream before heading out to her school Christmas assembly this morning.

To make the table top Christmas tree you will need:

  • A sheet of paper – construction, cardstock, scrapbooking or what ever you have on hand
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper clips
  • Ribbon, buttons, pompoms or any other embellishments you may want

Step 1 – Cut your paper into a large semi-circle. I recommend tracing around a plate to get a smooth circle. The larger the plate and paper the taller your tree can be. For my tree I used a scrap piece of cardboard that had been inside a Fashion Angels box and a standard side plate as my guide.

Step 2 – If you want to put some of your embellishments on your tree first, you can. I thought I might want this red ribbon on mine, but ultimately took it off.

Step 3 – Form the semi-circle into a cone shape and use your paper clips to hold it in place temporarily. Glue or staple the seam to keep the cone shape.

Step 5 – Beginning at the top, wrap ribbon around your cone. I slid one end of the ribbon in through the top and secured it inside with a piece of tape. Each time I got to the back of the tree where the seam is, I secured the ribbon with tape or a staple to keep it in place.

You can be finished here or you can add pompoms, buttons or self adhesive scrapbooking stickers as ornaments. Get as creative as you wish!

As you can see I added some pompoms for ornaments and put the tree up on a cake stand for a little more interest. I also made the tree skirt by cutting out a circle from a coordinating piece of sparkly paper.

Have fun with this one! It is super easy and you can be oh, so creative with it!