make a doll sized santa pillow

It’s time for another cute project from Karen!

How to make a doll santa pillow

One of my favorite holiday decorations are holiday throw pillows. Today I wanted to show you how you can make your own Santa Throw Pillow for your dolls couch or bed using items you may already have at home!

To create your own Santa Pillow you will need:

  • two 4X6 pieces of red felt
  • two 4X1 inch pieces of white felt
  • scrap white for Santa’s beard, mustache and eyes
  • one Peach or skin tone Felt for Santa’s face
  • scrap pieces of black felt for Santa’s pupils, and belt buckle, red for Santa’s lips, brown for the belt buckle
  • fabric glue, white craft glue or hot glue (with parent’s help)
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • stuffing such as fiber fill or toilet tissue

Step 1– Cut out all your pieces, you need two red 4X6 inch pieces of felt for the pillow, as well as two 4X1 inch pieces of white felt, a cone shape of skin tone felt, white for beard and mustache  Scrap black and white for eyes, belt buckle and  brown for the belt buckle.

Step 2 – Glue down the cone shape face, add more glue for the white trim of Santa’s hat.

Step 3-  Add your Santa’s eyes gluing the black pupils to the white circle eyes (or use stick on googly eyes if you have them).

Step 4– Glue down your Santa beard. I cut ridges out of mine but you can cut out what ever shape you want for the beard. Glue down the mouth.

Step 5– Glue on Santa’s mustache and nose. Glue down the white for Santa’s Belt (you can use all black if you want.)

Step 6 – Glue on Santa’s Belt Buckle and ad the brown or you can use white to complete the look. Let it dry.

Step 7–   Add glue to your other piece of 4X6 Felt. Then add your stuffing as shown above.

Step 8– Cover your rectangle with your Santa piece and press down, let dry.

Step 9 – Give it to your doll to enjoy!

Today I used my Raspberry American Doll Room , my limited edition Harmony Club Doll Claire  who is wearing an outfit I made and a Santa hat from the dollar store pet department, which is the perfect holiday doll play item for  under $1.