Doll Play – Make a Refrigerator and More from a Doll Box

It sounds as if everyone had a great holiday and there were plenty of new dolls and doll goodies received! Before you throw away that box your doll came in, STOP! There are plenty of doll play things you can make with it very easily. One of our readers, Miriam, turned her doll’s box into a refrigerator for the doll kitchen.

how to make a doll fridge from a doll box

You can easily make a doll refrigerator using your 18″ doll box, some supplemental cardboard (from another box gifts came in), 4 paper fasteners, and a little velcro.

Decide where you want your shelves to go and cut strips of cardboard to be glued inside as shelf supports.  Then cut out shelves and place them inside the refrigerator.

Cut two pieces of cardboard to make a top door and a bottom door for your fridge. Cut the cardboard a little wider than your box so the doors can wrap around the side by an inch and be fastened with paper fasteners. You will need two fasteners per door.

Self stick velcro keeps the doors shut.

Like any project – you can make this as simple or sparkly as you wish! Now let’s look at a few other things you can make with your doll box:

how to make a doll sized school locker

Visit this summer’s Doll Play Day 84 to learn how to make a locker for your dolls from an 18″ doll box.

Quick and Easy Doll Closet

Also from this summer – how to make a super simple doll closet from an 18″ doll box.

Making doll beds out of doll boxes is a snap, too. You can stack the boxes, make bunk beds, head boards, make a loft or a cradle style – it’s up to you and your imagination.

Thanks to Miriam for sending in her idea and I can’t wait to see photos of all the great things you make your dolls using a doll box.

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  8. Happy Holidays everyone – good recycling! We already have the OG white kitchen, but mom noticed an old disc case – it was white, rectangular and opened lengthwise. She remarked that standing on end, it would make a good refrigerator (or locker). You can use an old (floppy?) disc or square of cardboard for shelves.