Doll Play – Make a Microphone and Stand for Dolls

make a doll microphone

One of the gifts that Natalie got for Christmas is the Memorex Sing Stand Karaoke microphone and she plans on using it for her birthday party on Sunday, too. While brainstorming with Karen about today’s doll play idea, Karen decided to make a doll sized version of the microphone and stand so Natalie’s dolls (and yours!!) could have fun doing karaoke as well. Thank you Karen!!

make a doll microphone

Inspired by Natalie, Chrissa and Stacy are having a Karaoke Party for New Year’s Eve!  The doll sized microphone and stand can be made for under $5 and all the supplies came from my local dollar store.

To make your own microphone and stand you will need:

  • a pair of chopsticks
  • black electrical tape
  • a golf tee
  • a small Styrofoam ball or pom-pom
  • a floral craft circle or you can use a ball of clay
  • scissors
  • aluminum foil
  • your doll

*Shown in the photo is glue but I did not end up needing it. THIS IS A NO MESS CRAFT!

Step 1– Tape your chopsticks together.  I used my doll to measure how high to make the chopstick stand with the base. Then I taped it together. Make sure to make the chopsticks 2 inches higher then your doll  needs to begin with as you are going to push the chopsticks into the base. If your chopsticks are not black wrap the black tape around your chopsticks from top to bottom.

make a doll karaoke microphone

Step 2- Place your base on the ground and push your chopsticks through the base. If you are using clay be sure to secure your chopstick with more clay.

Step 3– Unroll enough aluminum foil to cover your base as shown in the photo above. Fold it into microphone stand chopsticks.

Step 4– Make your microphone. Cover your golf tee with black electrical tape as shown below.

Wrap the tape from the bottom. If you do not have a golf tee you can use rolled up paper.

Step 5– Attach your Styrofoam ball or pom-pom to the top of your microphone and tape into place as shown.

how to make a doll sized microphone

Step 6– Tape your microphone to the side of your chopstick microphone stand on an angle so it faces your doll’s mouth as shown. You are ready to rock out with your dolls!

how to make a doll sized karaoke microphone

Your dolls are now ready to sing in the New Year!!

Today I used:

  • Yellow historical American Doll Room 
  • My favorite American Girl Doll Chrissa wearing a dress made by a friend
  • My favorite Mapelea Friend Doll I call Stacy wearing a shirt I made from a pattern about to be released from  the pattern is called Raven, pants by a friend and boots by Harmony Club Dolls 

 Happy New Year and all the best!




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