Doll Play – Make a Hot Air Balloon Adventure Set

make a doll hot air balloon

This week I wanted to share with you an easy way to bring the adventure of Dolly Hot Air Balloon rides to your doll play collections inspired by Saige. The best part – you probably already have these items on hand.

To create your doll’s  hot air balloon you will need:

  • A left over party balloon, or you can pick one up at your local party store, they even blew it up with regular air for me, not helium, at no extra charge.
  • A box large enough to come up to your dolls waist, mine fit two dolls easily
  • Tape, I recommend packing tape as it is stronger than scotch tape
  • 12 bamboo kitchen skewers or 6 sets of chopsticks
  • A rubber band
  • Paper to cover your box
  • A pencil
  • A ruler
  • Scissors

Step 1– If you have not already done so, blow up your balloon as large as you can without having it pop. Tie a knot in it and set it aside.

Step 2– Tape the edges of your box together, my box came up to my doll’s waist when I lifted the flaps and taped them into place.

Step 3 –  Cover your box with paper, tape into place and make your basket pattern. I made mine by using my pencil and ruler to create parallel and diagonal lines on the box, repeat on all four sides.

Step 4-Each balloon pole will need three skewers.  Join two skewers together as shown, with non-pointed edges together I allow 2 inches at the joins for stability . The more tape the more secure your skewers will be. Then add your third skewer and tape it into place, with the pointed tip away from the tape join. Repeat until you have four balloon poles.

Step 5– In each of the 4 corners of your box “basket” push the pointed edge into your box corner at an angle. Tape the pole into place as best you can, you are going to create a Point Effect with the four poles, making them like a tent when you move to step 6.

Step 6– Use your elastic to secure your skewers at the point where the balloon will be taped. Then use your tape (here is where I realized you need a stronger tape) to reinforce your balloon poles on the inside of the box.

Step 7– Use lots of tape to get your balloon to stay upright and in place at the top of your balloon poles. As Shown in the top right photo above.

Step 8– Place your dolls in the Hot Air Balloon Basket and start your adventure!

This week in my post I used my Chrissa American Girl Doll & my newest Harmony Club Doll Cadence.

I hope you enjoyed today’s craft. I look forward to sharing more doll play ideas with you next week!



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  1. Wow! Thats Awesome :) Firstie? :)

  2. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Sweet! I live next door to a party store. perfect

  3. 2ndie! That is awesome! I should try to make it….

  4. This is really a brilliant idea, and a great alternative to spending $150 on Saige’s balloon. Would it be possible to paint on the balloon? If it is, you could even decorate it to look like Saige’s.

  5. This is awsome! I really should try making this! Saige has been asking for a baloon ride! Char- I was woundering if you got my dollhouse photos? They were titled My Doll-House 1, 2, and 3.

  6. Audrey and Marie-Grace says:

    I love this! I will definently try to make this. And it’s much better than having to spend 150 bucks! Plus you can design it any way you want.

  7. Very awesome. Love it, my daughter and I love making crafts together. This one is one we will do!!!

  8. wow… a great idea!

  9. OMG! This is amazing!

  10. Awesome!!!!

  11. Amazing!Maybe I can find a slightly bigger ballon to make it look a little more proportional
    very creative as always Karen!

  12. Cool! 😀

  13. I am so happy you ladies like the craft! Yes you can make this more permanent if you want to do paper mache over a balloon , then paint it, for sure. You can use what you have at home or you can hit the party store! Enjoy!

  14. Awesome job Karen! What a great idea! going to make this with the neices, they will love it! Also, love the idea of papermache for a more permanent ballon. Will probably use 1/4 ” dowel that you can get 3 ft long for the poles. thanks for the craft Karen and Char!

  15. AGTLCREPAIR says:

    Great there are even bigger balloons in target which I found! Great craft Ms. Karen!

  16. Wow! Awesome craft! I like the paper mache’ idea. Also if you wanted a bigger balloon, you could get one of those punch’em balloons, (y’know the ones w/ the big rubber band so you can inflate it and punch it?) at Walgreens. They’re bigger and thicker than standard party balloons. You could even decorate it w/ permanent markers before you blow it up. Beats the heck outta spending $150! Super idea, Karen!

  17. Awesome Karen! You have so much creativity!

  18. Darn, I should’ve kept the balloons I took home from a birthday party I went to. I gave them to my mom so she could pop them. The worst part is, she had a little too much fun doing it… O_O

  19. this is all cute..I was reading your hairstyles and how to get rid of frizzy hair would that work on a addy doll. please reply thxs

  20. kananirulz says:

    lol venus!

  21. Wow! This is so fun! Funny how Saige inspired so many crafts! Thank you! You are amazing Karen!

  22. I did something like this but used a wire peony plant cage support which has four wire posts and an adjustable ring at the top. I jabbed the posts into the top of a box with the flaps folded in and taped the jabbed area for extra support I used a beach ball as the balloon and adjusted the ring of the cage so the ball sits on top. When the snow finally melts here in Alberta I will have to give back the plant support though.

  23. StoryTeller says:

    Sharry– I agree– this totally beats spending $150! You can even design it yourself! : )

  24. nice one Karen! clap clap clap!

  25. Wow. Thats really cool

  26. I love this! You are so creative!

  27. lanielover says:

    where did you get those balloons?

  28. *Alicen gets supplies, swifts up the balloon, and grins*
    Mwahahaha! I’m done already!
    *Alicen accidently pushes a safety pin into the balloon of the balloon*.
    I hope that doesn’t hapen to me! Thank you Karen for another wonderful Friday craft!

  29. Megan!!!!!! says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Karen, i have three words for you, YOU. ARE. AMAZING. period.

  30. Love it

  31. I got my balloons at Party City

  32. I made this yesterday and I filled the balloon with helium and it is SO COOOOOLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!

  33. such a cute idea

  34. lanielover says:

    Thanks Karen!

  35. Thank you, Karen. I really like the way you show us ways to make doll accessories that everyone can afford. And your ideas allow for so much creativity, as well.

  36. Cool!!!!!!

  37. Saige is going to love this! 😀

  38. Ok, I don’t have a balloon, and I can’t just go out and get one. Is there anything to replace it?

  39. cool

  40. looks so fun i’m gonna make one

  41. If you do not have a balloon you can make a large paper pall and paint it. Thank you all for all your wonderful comments!