How to make a doll sized wreath

Have you hung a wreath on your door or wall yet? We are doing all our Christmas decorating this weekend and the wreath for the door will probably be the first thing that gets done. Today, Karen is showing a super easy way to make a wreath to use as decoration in our doll’s space.

how to make a doll sized wreath

Karen’s Maplelea doll Stacey shows off the finished project – isn’t it cute?  And it doesn’t require many supplies either!

how to make a doll sized wreath

To create a simple holiday wreath for your dolls you will need:

  • 4 pipe cleaners (3 in green, one for the hook in a color of your choice)
  • scissors
  • ribbon

how to make a doll wreath

Step 1 – Form your 3 green pipe cleaners into circles as shown in the photo above, twisting the ends so you have no sharp edges.

Step 2 –  Lay all three circles on top of each other and then cut at least 25 inches of ribbon, then feed it through the pipe cleaner circles.

Step 3 –  Tie a knot of ribbon around the pipe cleaner, leaving about 6 inches of ribbon on one side of the knot, you will use this later to tie a bow.

Step 4 –  Weave the remaining ribbon around the pipe cleaners and when you reach the knot at the bottom tie a bow with the remaining ribbon and the 6 inches of ribbon you have left over from your knot.

Step 5 – Bend the end of the fourth pipe cleaner up to create a hook, and then bend the other end the opposite way to create a hanger for your wreath, this way you can hang it in your doll room without tape.



If you want you could also hang it on your Christmas tree.

Use this method of creating a wreath as inspiration! You could make a wreath out of just about any circle that is the right scale for your dolls. You could also decorate your wreath with mini pompoms, mini bells or other decorations you have on hand.

Today’s models:

  • Maplelea Friend Doll “Stacy” in a homemade dress by Skippysmom
  • My American Girl Doll Ruthie in a Dress by Sewcrazy Army Wife’s Etsy shop
  • My Australian Girl Doll Emily wearing Home made clothes by Karen Mom Of Three and a handmade shirt from a doll clothes swap.

Char will have another version of a wreath craft for you this week too – so  many fun ways to decorate!