make a snowboard for dolls

Is anyone planning on hitting the slopes this weekend? Your dolls may want to join you and it is  SOOOO easy to make a snowboard for your dolls. 

make a snowboard for dolls

Chrissa and Callie are having fun on the slopes today! Chrissa loves to snow tube and Callie just couldn’t wait to try out her new snowboard. She is wearing the Winter Ski Time outfit from The Queen’s Treasures. She should really have her helmet and gloves on, too!

make a doll snowboard

Supplies needed to make the doll sized snowboard:

1. Cut out the snowboard and trace a second one on a piece of cardboard

2. Stick the two pieces together with a little glue

3. Cover the snowboard with clear packing tape and trim as needed

4. Punch out the four holes on the snowboard base

5. Thread a piece of elastic (about 2”) through each set of holes and secure with tape on the back side—these will become the foot straps

6. Place your doll’s feet into the straps and you are ready to go!

PS—I don’t recommend taking your doll out in real snow!

doll snowboard  

I folded up the ends of the snowboard just a little bit to make it look like it has a bit of a curve to it.

You can use a white bathmat or some polyfill (batting) to make snow for your dolls. Have fun!!