I know how much you all love doll play and miss our 31 More Days of Doll Play already, but you are in for a treat. I have added the very talented Anna of Doll-It-Up.com to our team and she will be sharing doll play ideas and crafts on Tuesdays and Karen will continue to share her doll play ideas and crafts on Fridays. Then I will be sharing my doll play printables and crafts as I have them in between. So, it won’t be quite a daily thing, but there will be a few new doll play and craft ideas for you each week!

Inspired by Saige American Girl GOTY 2013, Anna is going to show you how to make a no-slip sparkly doll ring!  

How to make a doll ring

I had never considered a ring for a doll accessory.

How to make a doll ring

Seeing it on Saige’s finger, I had to try a crafting version! 

How to make a doll ring

Let’s make one together!

How to make a doll ring

Here are the supplies you need to make the sparkly ring:

  • non-slip shelf liner  (I’ve seen it at the dollar store.  Please use white or a tan if you have it!  Not blue  like me!  It’s what I had!)
  • 3- 1/2 inches of Sparkle Elastic Cord – Find this in the beading and jewelry making section of your favorite craft aisles.   By the way this stuff is awesome and my go-to for doll accessories!
  • scissors
  • glue gun and glue
  • faceted Beads – These are found in the kids beading and jewelry making section of your favorite  craft aisles!  They thread onto the elastic without a needle!  If you have a beading  needle and beading elastic the sky’s the limit, you can use any type of bead for  this project! 
  • sequins 

1. Getting Started – With elastic in hand, thread on the sequin and bead. 

Take the elastic end and loop it around, threading it back through the sequin.

Pull the elastic tight.

2.Add non-slip backing: Heat up your glue gun.  Cut a square of non-slip self lining the same size as the sequin.  Pulling each end of the elastic (get some help if it’s too awkward to pull both ends in one hand), put a dab of hot glue where the elastic comes out of the sequin. 

Place the piece of non-slip shelf liner on the glue dab.  Trim the liner that hangs over the sides of the sequin.

Here is the front and back view so far.

3. Fitting it to size:  As pictured, place the ring on the underside of the dolls hand.  Pulling the elastic on either side of the first finger, tie a square knot.  “Right over left and left over right”, as the saying goes.  It’s a knot that won’t slip out.  Pull the elastic snug around the finger as you tie.  This gives the ring a snug fit so it will be sure to stay on!

Trim the extra elastic.

All done!

Here are some other color variations I tried!

The ring has a little “grip” with the non-slip lining on the back.  The ring can be knocked off if you leave it on while you dress her but for play or display it stays put.

Doll accessories are fun!  Enjoy making your dolls a no-slip sparkly ring! 

Until next week! 

Anna of Doll-It-Up.com