Doll Play – How to Make a Doll Watch

How to make a doll watch

What time is it? Oh, it’s time to play dolls! Teniel from Ava’s Doll Room has a cute craft for us today, but I will say it is one you might need a bit of grown up help with and you might need to make a run to the craft store for some of the supplies. However, if you do make this craft – I want to see photos! Just send them to me at

How to make a doll watch

A relatively simple accessory to make for your dolls is a watch. You can use scrapbooking materials, discarded pieces from an old child’s watch or use a few items from the craft store to make a watch for your dolls for very little money.

Supplies needed to make the doll watch:

  • Small bottle cap (Look for Darice Mini Bottlecaps in the jewelry making aisle at – they are currently $1.49 for a package of 15)
  • Epoxy sticker (Look for them in the scrapbooking area at or other craft stores)
  • Small clock picture sized to fit inside your mini bottlecap (I just printed one from google)
  • Watch band or you could use ribbon and mini buckles
  • Scissors (to cut watch to size)
  • Glue gun (to glue finish watch top to band)

1. Glue the clock picture to the bottle cap and put the epoxy sticker on top.

2.Next cut the watch band down to size to fit your dolls wrist.

3.Finally glue the bottle cap onto the watch band and voila you have a watch for your doll!

how to make a doll sized watch

Adorable! If you purchase a package of the mini bottlecaps and the epoxy stickers, you can have a lot of fun making all sorts of watches for your dolls. You could invite a few friends over and have a doll party with the watches being a fun take away craft.

You can see more of Teniel’s work on her YouTube channel or her Etsy store. Enjoy!

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