doll scarves no sew

Scarves are such a popular accessory all year long! Not only do they complete an outfit – they are so easy to make with items you probably already have on hand!

No sew doll scarf

American Girl Ivy and Maplelea Saila are my models for today and they are in the purple room of the American Doll House Four-Room set.

Supplies you will need for today’s activity:

  • Scissors
  • Scrap of fleece OR
  • An old pair of leggings, t-shirt or dress that you no longer fit into (an have your parent’s permission to cut up)

No sew scarf

Saila’s scarf was made from a scrap of fleece material. All you need to do is cut piece of fabric that is 20″ long and 2″ wide. Once you cut the main piece just cut a fringe on each end.

Put the scarf around your doll’s neck and either leave the ends hanging down or tie it – you choose!

no sew doll scarf

For Ivy’s green scarf I cut a ruffle off a t-shirt dress that Natalie wore when she was 7. I have always loved the color.

Cut the piece of fabric about 36″ long by 3-4″ wide. Give the strip a good tug so it starts to curl on the sides.

Drape the scarf over your doll’s shoulders so the ends are in the back.

Cross the ends and bring them back to the front. You can leave it this way or tuck the ends in so it looks more like a circle.

No sew doll scarf

For Ivy’s pink scarf I cut a 6″ wide piece from an old pair of stretchy pink leggings. By cutting straight across the leg I didn’t have to do any sewing to make the circular scarf.

Give the loop a good stretching out and then put it over your doll’s head. You will have to play with it a bit to get the look you want. You can make it big enough to double over if you use an old t-shirt of your own or your parent’s.

No sew doll scarf

The ultimate no-sew scarf for your dolls can be made from one of YOUR fabric headbands! Wear it looped once or doubled over – whatever works for you.

You can make scarves for all sizes of dolls – just experiment with fabrics (felt works great) and lengths to get the look you want. Don’t forget, you can add embellishments, too!