Two doll play posts in one day? Really? Yes, really! I decided that I would give you two doll play posts today because most of us are going to be busy, busy with family stuff tomorrow – including ME! Just to be clear – this it the doll play post for tomorrow. The next doll play post I do will be on Wednesday, December 26.


Kanani and Cady are busy getting the last details set before saying goodnight and heading to bed on Christmas Eve. They are writing their notes to Santa, made some reindeer food, have the cookies out and just need to put out a glass of milk right before they go to bed.

Printable Santa letters

Help your dolls with their last minute preparations, too!  Download the Dear Santa papers for your dolls to fill out.

To make reindeer food for your dolls to sprinkle on the lawn, you can make mini ziploc baggies (use Karen’s instructions here) and fill them with oats and glitter or cut up little pieces of paper to look like oats. We used sprinkles for cupcakes as our reindeer food.

Make cookies using doll food you already have, stickers, shapes cut out from fun foam, cookies cut out of magazines or use the ones on the printable above.

Leave Santa a glass of milk using doll glasses or mugs you already have or take a coffee creamer single serve container and put a cotton ball in it to look like milk. Get creative – Santa is not picky!!

Most of all HAVE FUN! Enjoy your time with your dolls, your family and your friends. That is what the holidays are all about anyhow!

Merry Christmas to all MY AMAZING READERS! You are the best and I appreciate you every day!