Holiday Doll Play Day 4 Decorate Christmas Stockings

Every year when I walk down the seasonal aisle at the store I ooh and aah.  It gets me every time!  This year was no different.  After I got over it, I wanted to come home and make something sparkly and something sweet, something modern and something bold.  It’s fun to try ideas on little projects for your dolls.

So today have 4 stockings.

One is Sparkly.

Sparkly Christmas stocking for dolls

 One is sweet.

Sweet Christmas stocking for dolls

One is modern.

Sweet Christmas stocking for dolls

And one is bold.

Sweet Christmas stocking for dolls

These are the supplies I used to decorate the doll stockings.

  • plain mini stocking
  • sequins
  • acrylic jewels
  • flower trim
  • ribbon with wire
  • printed felt

Let’s start with something bold.

  • Tie a bow in a piece of ribbon.
  • Fold the hanging ends in half and wind it around a pencil.
  • Slide the pencil out and loosen the curl.
  • Then hot glue in place.

For the modern stocking, use printed felt and cut it into 1/2 inch strips.

  • Clip the edge to make a fringe.
  • Wrap the fringe around, working your way up the top section, hot gluing as you go along.
  • Add some extra bling for that special touch if you wish.

The next one is so soft and sweet.  The secret is the texture on this flower trim.  It is sold at both Walmart and Joann where I live. To make it, just cut into 2 sections, wrap it around, and hot glue.

Now to add a little sparkle!

  • Put hot glue in a little section.
  • Dip it in a pile of sequins
  • Repeat until it is all covered.

Ooh, aah!  🙂

There you have 4 fun stocking ideas!

Stockings for your dolls and fun for you!

These stockings are so simple to make and you really can make them as unique as you want with just a little imagination and using supplies you already have on hand. Anna will be sharing a few more ideas in the weeks to come – and I know they will be fabulous!