Ooooh, we are getting close to the big 100!!! Tomorrow is the last “Official” day in our day of play series, but don’t worry, we will continue to share doll play ideas, crafts, doll care, reviews, giveaways and photography just like always!  Karen put together today’s day of doll play as part of her Friday craft series (which will also continue) and while her party bunting says “Happy Fall”  (as we usher out the last days of summer in the Northern Hemisphere) – you can make yours in school colors to show your school spirit, make one for your favorite pro sports team, make one in your favorite colors to wish one of your dolls Happy Birthday, and the list goes on and on… just use your creativity!

make a doll house sized party bunting

Bunting decorations are all the rage for decorating these days at parties. So I was inspired by the amazing bunting’s I saw on Etsy and thought I would try to make a doll sized one to use as a doll room decoration.

doll room bunting

To create your own bunting today use items you have on hand.

supplies for doll sized bunting

To make a bunting you will need:

  • Felt, fun foam or colored paper (I used orange, green and brown for the letters)
  • 30 inches of ribbon that is at least 1 inch wide (I used 2 inches wide and folded it over but I was using what I had on hand. You can easily use 1 inch wide ribbon with out folding over)
  • scissors
  • white craft glue
  • a ruler
  • paper to create your bunting pattern
  • pencil
  • 2 clips to hang your bunting on your doll room (or wall safe tape to hang up your bunting in your doll play area)

bunting pattern for dolls

Step 1– Use your scrap paper to create your bunting pattern. Measure with your ruler to create a triangle that is 2 1/2 inches wide and 2 1/2 inches high as shown in the photo below. Then cut out 10 triangles of your felt/paper or fun foam. I alternated my colors so I cut out 5 orange and 5 green.

Step 2– Cut out your letters to spell HAPPY FALL. It is hard to cut out the holes in the A’s and the P’s so I used a small clipping of felt to highlight the letters as shown above.

Step 3- Glue your letters to the triangles, pressing them down with your fingers. If you are using colored paper, you can use a felt marker to write your letters in.
Glue small clippings of felt to highlight your A’s and P’s.

Step 4-Lay out your ribbon and space out your letters. I have left one triangle blank to represent the space between the words Happy and Fall. If you are not folding over your ribbon you can add a line of glue on top of the each triangle then press your ribbon over the top. Be sure to leave at least 5 inches on either end of the ribbon so you can hang yours up.

Step 5– If you are using a 2 inch ribbon like I did, run a line of glue along the bottom edge and lay out your triangles on top as shown above. Be sure to leave the 5 inches on either end so you can hang up your bunting when it dries.

Step 6– Add more glue along the center of the ribbon and fold the top over. Press down and smooth out the ribbon. Let it dry. Once dry your bunting is ready to use. Attach it to your doll room as I did using clips or use wall safe tape to hang in your doll play space.

Alternatively you can also sew a bunting for your doll of her name. I made this one for a friend’s doll .

In today’s post I used:

  • My American Doll Room as a back drop for the tea party photos.
  • My doll Samantha is wearing a Pilgrim outfit from The Edwardian Girl Etsy shop
  • My doll Ruthie is wearing a dress made from The Empire Dress PAT 004 is made by Carpatina by my friend Skippy’s mom.
  • My Springfield doll Olivia is wearing a hand knit outfit from a friend of mine in my swap group.
  • My newest doll Arianna is the blonde doll with the amazing hair. Arianna is a Harmony Club Doll you can find out more about this new line of 18 inch dolls on their website.

I look forward to sharing more fall doll play ideas with you next week!