Many of you have been asking for more gymnastics stuff for McKenna and your gymnastics loving dolls. The American Girl gymnastics equipment set (that has been on backorder all year) comes with grips for McKenna’s hands when she does bars, but because they are made with an extra clip to hook onto the bars, they aren’t really like actual grips. I went through Megan’s gym bag and pulled out her old grips to use as a pattern. These ended up being so much easier to make than I ever thought they would be.

How to make grips for your american girl doll

McKenna is ready for her bar routine! She has her new grips on and even secured them with a rubber band like the big girls do.

To make McKenna’s grips you will need:

  • White fun foam or felt
  • Duck tape
  • Self adhesive velcro
  • A few small rubber bands

How to make grips for your american girl doll

Step 1 – Cut two pieces of fun foam that are 3/4″ wide by 2-3/4″ long. Round out the corners on the top and you can trim the sides to make it 1/2″ wide at the wrist.

Step 2 – Because the AG dolls middle two fingers are permanently together, cut a slit near the top to put her two middle fingers through. (See photo #1).

Step 3 – Cut a piece of duck tape 4-1/4″ long. Next cut it lengthwise so you end up with two narrow pieces.

Step 4 – Place the grip in the center of the duct tape so that you can fold the tape lengthwise and secure the fun foam grip inside (photo #2 & #3)

Step 5 – Place the self adhesive velcro on the ends of the wrist guard to keep the grips on her hand. If you don’t have velcro, roll a piece of duct tape so the sticky side is out and use that as your closure.

Step 6 – Place the grips on your doll’s hands and then take a small elastic band and wrap it around the wristband. The big girls do this so that the velcro on their grips does not get caught on something and come off during their bars workout or routine.

How to make gymnastics grips for american girl dolls

And she sticks her landing!! Woo hoo McKenna!

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I hope your dolls like this activity! It really was not hard to make and I think they look more realistic than the AG version!