As we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall this week, I thought you might want to make something super easy and super cozy for your dolls to wear this fall. We just happened to have some cute froggie fleece left over from a different project, but since you only need about a 16″ square of fabric for this project, check the remnant clearance area for fabrics next time you are at the craft store and you will probably be able to find some fleece very inexpensively. Why fleece? While you can use any fabric for this project (and yes, you could even use duct tape!!), I find that fleece is perfect for a no-sew poncho. It has the perfect amount of stretch and doesn’t unravel easily either.

how to make a no sew poncho for dolls

Bitty Baby Penelope and American Girl Alex are my models today. They found a comfy spot under the tree to watch the kids pass the ball today.

While we had froggie fleece, I think it would be so cute to make the ponchos out of fleece in your favorite team’s colors – you can even find fleece with many of the pro sports and college teams’ logos on them. Or use an even bigger piece and make one for ย yourself and a matching one for your dolls.

how to make a no sew poncho for dolls

Step 1 – Cut a square of fleece that measures 16″ x 16″.

Step 2 – Fold the square in half into a triangle and then again to make a triangle 1/4 of the original size

Step 3 – Measure just about an inch from the folded corner and cut in the opening for your doll’s head. You can cut this curved or straight across depending on your style. It is better to start with a smaller opening, because you can always make the opening bigger, but making it smaller is impossible.

Step 4 – Optional – cut 1/2″ slits all along the outer edge of the poncho for a little visual interest. I did the slits while I still had the poncho folded into 4ths.

Step 5 – Slip the poncho over your doll’s head gently. Adjust the neckline if needed.

how to make an easy no sew doll poncho

Alex thinks her new poncho is perfect for watching fall sports! I took a thin scrap piece of the fleece and made her a matching bow.

How to make a no sew doll poncho

I wonder if I have enough fleece left over to make Bitty Baby a matching hat to go with this. If not, I will use a solid color fleece sock that has lost its match to make a hat for Bitty (Doll Play Day 20 has the instructions).

Are you excited for fall weather, fall sports and outdoor activities, or are you so sad to see another summer coming to an end?