How to make doll sized school lunch

Today’s post is inspired by the wonderful new American Girl Allergy Free Lunch. I love this new set and what it means for girls who have food allergies and intolerances.

American Girl School Lunch
I wanted to have this set for back to school but it was sold out and is currently on back order until September 14th. So I decided to make my own and share with you today how I did it.

How to make a doll sized school lunch

To make your own doll sized lunch bag you will need:

  • duct tape
  • paper
  • scissors
  • a ruler
  • a pencil
  • a piece of sticky back Velcro

For the lunch you will need:

  • two tooth picks
  • fun foam, felt or colored paper in red, yellow, green, orange and brown (I used cardboard)
  • a safety pin or needle (to poke a hole through the cardboard or paper)
  • scissors
  • a brown crayon or felt marker
  • scotch tape
  • a baggie you can cut up to make two smaller doll sized snack bags
  • a lid to a fat marker that you can use as a cup or the juice box from my April 27th post on  how to make a doll sized juice box

how to make a doll sized school lunch bag
Step 1– Cut 7.5 inches of duck tape from your roll and put it on a piece of paper, cut out the paper. This will be the outside of your bag.

Step 2 – Cut two 2.5 inches of duck tape from your roll and put them on a piece of paper, cut them out and fold it in half length wise. These are the sides of your bag.

Step 3– On the longer piece of duck tape paper you will measure up 2.5 inches from the bottom make a line and then fold your paper.

Step 4– Measure 1 inch and make another line and fold your paper again

Step 5– Fold the remaining paper over the folds you just created. Then unfold to attach the sides.

Step 6– tape the sides into place as shown in the photo above

how to make a doll sized school lunch bag

Step 7- Fold the edges, bottom and sides to create the bag and tape into place with thin pieces of duct tape

Step 8- Refold the top flap over the bag and trim if desired

how to make a doll sized school lunch bag
Step 9– Using a small piece of sticky back Velcro, place the rough side on the smooth side and peel off one of the sticky back papers put this on the inside flap of the bag, press down. Then remove the other sticky back paper and close the lid again, pressing the Velcro together. Unfold and open your bag.

how to make a doll sized school lunch bag

Step 10– To create a handle I cut a two inch piece of Duck tape and cut two small slits at the short ends to create the letter H sideways.  These are the tabs to attach your handle . Then I folded the center in to create the handle. then on the lid of the lunch bag press the tabs onto the lunch bag. Now your bag is complete.


how to make a doll sized school lunch bag

*If you are using tooth picks that are sharp on both ends have a parent trim one end with scissors .

Step 1- Cut out 6 small squares, circles or cubes of each of the colors you wish to use from either fun foam, felt. Then layer them on your tooth picks as shown above. When you feel there is enough food on one tooth pick switch to the other and complete it. Set aside or place in your lunch bag. You may wish to use the safety pin to poke through the cardboard so you do not break your toothpick.

Step 2-For the carrot sticks cut out 5 or 6 1/2 inch rectangles out of orange, trim them to the size you think your doll would want to eat.

Step 3– Cut out a 1 inch square of a plastic lunch bag make sure you have two pieces. I cut mine on the bottom seam of the bag so I only needed to tape three sides. Place your carrots inside the bag and tape the sides closed.

Step 4– To create the cookies, cut out three similar size and shape circles from brown cardboard. Use a brown crayon or felt marker to create your cookies. Then repeat step 3 to create a bag for your cookies.

Step 5– Drink box. If you wish to make the drink box please follow the directions on my April 27th post or a lid from a fat marker works great as a doll juice cup, you can also add a pipe cleaner straw for your doll.

Karen made her first craft video to show you a little more detail on making the lunch for the bag. Click below or watch it on YouTube.

Place all your dolls lunch items in her lunch bag and she is ready for a healthy school meal!

I look forward to sharing more with you next week.