Whether you have historical dolls or girls of today, laundry is an important task! In the days of the American Girl Historical Characters (with the possible exception of Julie – maybe), there were no electric washing machines and dryers for your clothes. There were a variety of “washing devices” like the scrub board and then in the 1900s the rotary washer, but until the late 1900s, the electric clothes dryer was not widely used and it was common to see clothes hanging out on a clothes line to dry. Laundry day was just that – a full day’s work by the time  you washed your clothes and hung them out to dry. Today our American Girl Kit is having a Laundry Day.

doll play laundry day

Kit is ready! She has her laundry basket ($1 at Rite-Aid or dollar store), her laundry and her clothespins. The clothespins are the CUTEST things ever. They are actually Wilton Baby Shower Favors – Mini Clothespins – that I picked up for just a few dollars at Joann the other day. I hung a clothes line using some string we had laying around – attaching it with tape to either side of the American Doll Room scene set up as outdoors. You could attach your clothesline to any two sturdy objects like a chair, the end of your bed, or what ever you have. The chair is from Kit’s collection and the birdhouse, flower pots and watering can are from TheQueensTreasures.com.

doll play laundry day

You can see how perfect these little clothespins are – they are really the exact size that Kit needs!

doll play laundry day

Making sure everything is just perfect so it dries nicely.

Kit doing laundry

Now Kit can go inside and get a glass of lemonade and read her book while her favorite outfit dries in the warm summer air.

If you are feeling ambitious and have some woodworking skills, Pieces for Reese has a great tutorial for the ironing board Kit is using. The photo is from that tutorial.

If your modern day girls want to do their laundry, follow the fantastic video tutorial by My Froggy Stuff to make a washer and dryer out of basic cardboard containers you probably already have on hand.

And now, I must go get some laundry done myself! Have a great day!