Day 9 Doll Play Make Doll Sized iPhone, Tablet, Flat Screen

We recently moved things around in Natalie’s room to make a better doll play area. We took advantage of a dormer window nook, added some clear bins, a piece of cardboard and used two American Doll Rooms as anchors. It turned out cute but the dolls have been asking for a TV, and smartphones and one even wanted a new tablet, so today’s activity is a quick way to grant these girls their wish.

american girl doll apartment

This is the doll apartment. Underneath we used 3 large but equal sized plastic bins and put all the stuffed animals in them. This way Natalie can still see them, but they are not in the way or getting dusty. We can also rotate out the ones on her bed if we want. On top of the bins I placed a tri-fold presentation board and then placed two American Doll Rooms on top – one on each end. You can see there is a little bit of space between the rooms and luckily Natalie’s wall is the same purple so it works well. The kitchen is from Our Generation and the bed is from Julie’s collection. On the lower level there is another bed and the smoothie stand.

american girl doll apartment

Kailey, Callie, Sonali and Julie wanted to watch McKenna’s movie on the flat screen TV, so I made them one from fun foam and a photo from McKenna’s movie. I also made them an iPhone and a tablet. Kailey is holding the iPhone and Sonali is playing McKenna’s Gymtastic app on the tablet.

make a doll sized iPad tablet

Here is a closer look of Sonali and the iPad style tablet. I cut out the app picture from the printable below and glued it on fun foam. I made sure to round the edges of the fun foam so it looks more realistic.

How to make a doll size iPhone

Kailey thinks she is so cool with her new iPhone for dolls. Again, I just printed out the pictures from today’s printable and glued them onto fun foam then cut the fun foam to look like my iPhone. This is such a simple activity but your dolls will love you for it!

Day 9 Doll Play Make Doll Sized iPhone, Tablet, Flat Screen Not only is it super easy to make these gadgets for your dolls, but it is super simple to customize your own screens – or you can print out the set I made for you.

Download the Doll Electronics printable as a PDF file.

To make the iPhone screen, I simply arranged the app icons on my own iPhone the way I wanted them and then took a screen capture of it by holding down the home button and the power button at the same time. That takes a picture of your screen and then you can email yourself the picture. Once I had the picture on my computer, I just resized the image to my desired size and I was done.

For the tablet and the TV, just cut out your favorite photos from catalogs or magazines and cut to fit your fun foam background. Depending on the space you have and the size dolls you have, you will need to do some resizing. Now that the flat screen TV has been placed in our doll’s apartment, I might go back and make it again, and make it a little bigger, but for now, they are happy with it.

In related news, the June Reader Photo Contest will kick off later today so check back for details.

Chloe made some electronics for her dolls. She made the tablet a purple case, the iPhone/iPod a light pink case and the flat screen tv a brown outline. It’s so cute and is a very fun set.