Did you know today is National Dog Day? Well, it is and in celebration, we made a new dog house that all of our dolls’ dogs can share.

How to make a doll dog house

Our dogs Coconut, Grace, Sprocket, Barksee and Sugar Cube (Adora Dolls poodle) are enjoying the afternoon in their new dog house.

To make this dog house for your dolls’ pets you will need:

  • A box big enough for the dogs to go into – and preferably one with a perforated flap already made for you (although you could cut the flap)
  • Construction paper
  • Fun Foam
  • Command mini hook (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make a doll dog house

Step 1 – Pick out a box big enough for your dogs and preferably one with a pre-made opening. I used this empty box of garbage bags but almost used an empty tissue box, too. If you don’t have a box with a pre-cut opening, have a grown up help you cut an opening.

How to make a doll dog house

Step 2 – Cover the top of the box with fun foam, felt or construction paper. This will make a play area for the dogs.

How to make a doll dog house

Step 3 – Cover the outside of the dog house with construction paper, felt or fun foam.

Step 4 – Cut fun foam or construction paper with crazy scissors to make a fence and attach it all the way around the top of the play area.

How to make a doll dog house

Step 5 – Place fun foam or a blanket down inside the dog house for your dogs to snuggle up on.

Step 6 – Use a mini command hook to make a place to hang their dog leashes

Step 7 – Decorate the dog house with stickers or pictures and add the dogs’ toys and they will love their new home!

Depending on what you already have for your dogs, you may want to check the following posts for more toys, a bed, and play ideas specifically for a doll’s best friend – her dog:

And if you have a dog of your own, take her for a walk, give her some extra love and show her how much you care on National Dog Day!