Doll Play Day 86 Make Duct Tape Toms for Dolls

Your dolls have all their supplies and such ready for back to school, but how about some cute, trendy shoes? Marie and her daughter of the Etsy store Florals & Prints, (they have a doll clothes/sewing blog too) are going to show us how to make “Toms” style shoes for your dolls using the ever popular duct (duck) tape!

How to make doll sized Toms from Duct Tape

Aren’t these just so cute? All you need is your favorite pattern of duck tape and either cork, cardboard or fun foam for the shoe base.

Duct tape Toms shoes for dolls

This simple design can be made with duct tape or fabric (for a more polished version see Liberty Jane for details) and you can make them in any color combination you wish.

So follow along with Marie’s daughter in her video tutorial to make the shoes. And of course, if you make them, please share with us at our Facebook page, Instagram (@dolldiaries) or by emailing me at!

I’m going to go make a pair right now – have fun making shoes for your dolls this afternoon!

Thank you Marie for sharing this great doll play idea!

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  1. Firstie!!!

  2. Now this, I really really LOVE.

  3. These are really cute!I only thought you could make doll flipflops out of duct tape!(she wise i mean)Boy was i ever wrong!oh well you learn something new every day!

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  5. fourthie!!!!

  6. fourthie!!!!

  7. 5thie cute new shoes!

  8. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I wish I knew how to make these sooner. I could still add the Zumba soles, and they would still be very cute!

  9. love this!

  10. cute

  11. SO CUTE! Great idea :)

  12. Awwww so cute! My doll’s will love these!

  13. Adorable! I love Toms, but sadly don’t own a pair *sigh*.

  14. Amanda, I don’t either! I would love to though.

  15. These are SOOOO cute!!!!!! :)

  16. That looks so CUTE I can’t wait to try it.Mom I need duct tape LOL

  17. oh duct tape! how wonderful are you?!

  18. They are soooo cute! Too bad I don’t have any duct tape.

  19. StoryTeller says:

    Awesome! I’m always looking for ways to make doll shoes so I don’t have to buy them and I can coordinate them to their outfits. Thank you, Char!

  20. Gail, totally! I just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

  21. agperfect says:

    so cute! I love toms!

  22. Cute! What a good idea.

    Has anyone from Canada ordered from springfield collection?
    When I fill in my address they don’t have an option for Canada.
    United States is the only country you can choose.

  23. I love these shoes there so cute!!! i’m going to go make like 5 more pairs right now and there so easy to make i made a pair before i said this on here and i’m really good at using duct tape i can make LOTS of things!!!

  24. adollable! 😀

  25. Now i wish i had bought duct tape when it was on sale!

  26. I love this!

  27. Marie- if you want springfield look at they have springfield items. I think they ship to canada.

  28. marie i buy springfield at michels

  29. OMG (sh) i saw some duck tape at walgreens that matched my toms i so have to go get that tape!!!!!

  30. And and place where i get my toms is Whole Foods Market where i shop so every time i go i beg my mom for the sparkley pair !!lol

  31. I LOVE these! super cute! I was a little made about sketchers coyping them [toms] but either way both brands are really cute.

  32. How did you do Kanani’s hair?

  33. yay! this is dollsome! i follow u on instigram now : ChloeBlue174

  34. These are so cute! I don’t have toms, but my dolls soon will!

  35. i will make this and keep it until my dolls birthday which is next year march 31st she will be 1 years old but in the real world she will be turning 12

  36. Nicolette says:

    Omg toms :)

  37. Is 100 Days Of Doll Play going to be a yearly thing ?I think it should be .

  38. I need to hurry and catch up! I’m as far back as day 75!!!!!! :0

  39. I totally forgot about this, just saw this now…thanks Char for posting this and thanks every one for your nice comments.

  40. Cute!

  41. I’m gonna make mustache ones!

  42. I just made those soooooooo cute!