I am so glad everyone loved yesterday’s printable school letters and schedules! Today we are gathering and making supplies that the dolls need for school.  The printable is a pattern you need to make a doll sized portfolio folder and there is printable student ID card, ruler and calculator you can place on  your doll’s desk.

free printable doll school play folders and supplies

The activity today was inspired by a combination of the fun folders I bought for Megan and Natalie to use at school and the doll school supplies we have from the American Girl desk set. I created the pattern to make the portfolio folder but decided to make it even more fun by using a pretty polka dotted note card I already had. The doll ID cards can be left as is or laminated using a piece of clear packaging tape and you could glue the calculator to fun foam to give it a little more of a real feel if you want.

printable doll sized school supplies

Cut out all the items on the page first. Next place the folder pattern on the inside of the notecard or cardstock you want to use. I lined up the center line fold of the card with the center line of my pattern to take advantage of a clean fold that was already there. Trace your pattern and cut out the cardstock folder.

printable doll sized school supplies

Fold the bottom flaps up along the horizontal guide line and fold the side tabs in so  you can glue the flaps to the folder. If you want to you could use clear tape to reinforce the edges of the folder.

printable doll sized school supplies

The finished product! Kanani loves her new folder, calculator and is waiting to get her photo taken for her ID. Her mini roll of tape is from a package of mini tapes by Fashion Angels that we found at the store.

printable doll sized school supplies

Nicki and Kanani are excited to start school today! Nicki’s desk is from The Queen’s Treasures and Kanani’s desk is from American Girl.

printable doll sized school supplies

Their teacher is Ms. Sonali who looks very teacher-like in her Springfield Collection dress. Her desk is actually Chrissa’s craft table.

printable doll sized school supplies

Kanani thinks she knows the answer to Ms. Sonali’s question so she raises her hand to answer.

Looking for more school supplies you can make for your dolls? Here are a few you can do:

When  you make your doll portfolio folders, think beyond just regular paper! I used a note card I had, but you could repurpose an old folder of your own, use a thick wrapping paper, or another interesting kind of paper. Be creative!

Doll play printable school supplies

Download the printable folder, student ID and supplies activity sheet as a PDF file.

I am looking forward to what you come up with! Have a great afternoon!