While working on yesterday’s doll play activity – The Sleepover Party post – I needed an end table for part of the photo shoot and the end table I made earlier in the summer out of a can and duck tape just did not match. The table was a good size for the chair and I happened to have some coordinating fabric to what I had used to make the chair so I did a little thinking and this is what I came up with.

doll play easy doll furniture

Now, you can take this concept and apply it to many different containers of different sizes to create end tables, doll beds, doll chairs and couches and the list goes on as long as your imagination does!

how to make a simple covered table for dolls

Step 1 – Take a snack can with a lid and be sure the contents are empty. Select your fabric – it doesn’t need to be perfectly cut, just big enough to cover the surface of your container.

Step 2 – Place the container opening side up in the center of your fabric.

Step 3 – Work around the container, stuffing the excess fabric inside the can as you go. Pull it nice and tight to smooth out the excess material and create loose pleats.

Step 4 – Turn the container over and place the lid back on top to create a “glass” tabletop.

Wasn’t that the easiest table ever?

Just so you know all the doll play activities for this coming week are going to be back to school related since my kids start school on Tuesday. Get those dolls ready for some learning and fun!