When do you go back to school? My kids go back next week and for an end of vacation activity our dolls are having a big sleepover party brought to you by our friends at MyDollsLife.com (they are the retail division of Sophia’s so I often use them interchangeably).  Now let me warn you, this is a LONG post with lots of pictures and instructions or links for how to make some of the items in the descriptions, plus there is a printable sheet for you and your dolls at the end of the post.

MyDollsLife.com doll bunk and accessories

Welcome to our sleepover party! We’re so glad you are here. Let’s start off by introducing all our guests. Maplelea doll Saila is on the top bunk of the MyDollsLife.com floral bunk bed. Saila is wearing the Sophia’s purple fuzzy robe and is leaning on the light blue back rest pillow that coordinates with the flower print bedding. Down below we have Carly, a Sophia’s 18″ doll who is wearing the pink satin PJs from Sophias and is leaning on the flower print back rest pillow. Her friend McKayla (Madame Alexander Favorite Friends) is wearing the white robe and slippers that also matches the bed and the bedding.  Chrissa (American Girl GOTY 2009) is wearing the purple satin PJs and fluffy white slippers also from Sophia’s.

Doll Play doll sleepover party

Carly and McKayla are munching on popcorn (make your own doll popcorn) while answering some of the questions Chrissa is asking using the conversation starters from today’s printable.

Doll Play doll sleepover party

“So, what are you most confident about, Carly?” asked Chrissa reading from the stack of conversation starters. “I am confident that we are going to have a great time this evening at our sleepover!”, said Carly.

“Can you braid my hair, Chrissa? You are so good at all the hairstyles and I just end up with tangled hair when I do it myself.” Carly added.

Doll Play doll sleepover party

“Look what I brought girls!” said Saila, showing everyone the old cassette recorder she found in a box in the basement. “I think it is from the 1970’s and you can talk into in and play back your voice or put these things called cassettes with music in it.”

Doll Play doll sleepover party

Carly moved over to the chair Chrissa was in and sat down so Chrissa could start braiding her hair. “Carly, you really need to do a Downy Spritz more often – your hair would not get so tangled if you did,” suggested Chrissa.

Doll Play doll sleepover party

McKayla and Saila switched places. McKayla wanted to stretch out while she worked on one of the Favorites fill-ins from the printable below. “What’s my favorite band? Oh, that’s an easy one,” said McKayla, “It has to be One Direction!” Saila asked from the bunk below, “Who is your favorite 1D band member?”

Doll Play doll sleepover party

“Well I have to say I prefer Justin Bieber, being that he is from Canada, just like I am,” added Saila.

“And your favorite Bieber song is…?” asked Carly.

Doll Play doll sleepover party

“I am a huge Maroon 5 fan,” added Chrissa, “I love to listen to their songs before swim practice.”

Doll Play doll sleepover party

“I’m at a pa-a-a-y phone…” Chrissa started to sing.

“What’s a pay phone anyway?” asked McKayla, “Is it something else that was popular in the 1970’s?”

doll sized nail polish

Chrissa finished her singing and decided she wants to paint her nails. “Please hand me the nail polish,” she said to Carly.

To make doll sized nail polish simply shape a piece of modeling clay into an oval or rounded square and stack two pony beads on top.  To make this super easy no sew end table, take a piece of fabric and drape it over a can that nuts would come in. Tuck all the extra fabric underneath into the open part of the can. Turn it over and place the clear lid over the top to look like a glass table top and to keep the fabric in place.

Doll play sleep over

While Chrissa was getting ready to paint her nails, Saila decided to just call it a night. She was just too tired to keep up with the other girls.

The little table next to Chrissa is just a small plastic container turned upside down and a scrap of fabric draped over it. The pizza box is from an AG set, but you can make your own using instructions from one of Karen’s pizza how-to posts.

Doll sleepover

Saila must have been very tired because Carly is dancing while McKayla sings and she is fast asleep. Something tells me these girls are going to be having fun at this sleepover for hours!

Now that you have lots of ideas, get started on setting up your own doll sleepover using our printables:

Printable party quizzes for doll play

Download the Printable Party Games & Fun sheet as a PDF file.

You can also have a virtual slumber party at the MyDollsLife website in their “play” section. Dress up your dolls in MyDollsLife fashions and create scenes that show your style.

Thank you so much to our sponsor MyDollsLife for providing us with the furniture and outfits for today’s doll play activity!