Summer is flying by but don’t tell that to the dolls – they don’t want summer to end! For today’s doll play activity, Karen shows you how to make a cute summer bikini style top for your dolls that goes with some of the other things you have made this summer.

Doll Play Day 78 Make a duct tape top for dolls

For today’s doll play and craft post, I wanted to show you how to make a super simple bikini top to go with your skirt. I have made today’s out of duck tape, however it can easily be made out of fabric, felt, and fun foam. Β Today’s craft is a result of a reader who wrote and asked me to show how to make a matching top to the skirt I made from my post July 20th.

To create today’s craft you will need:

  • 2 strips of 14 inches of duct tape (* you can use 14 inches of fun foam, 14 inches of felt or 2 14 inch pieces of fabric use a 1/8 seam allowance)
  • 24 inches of ribbon
  • Scissors
  • a ruler or tape measure
  • a sticky back Velcro dot or square
  • an 18 inch doll Β (You can make this to fit any of your dolls just measure around their chest and add an inch to create the bikini top.)

Make no sew doll bikini top

Step 1– Using your ruler or tape measure unroll 14 inches of tape twice

Step 2– Place the sticky sides of the tape on top of each other . You may want to ask someone for help. Do not worry if the edges are ragged you can trim them later.

Make no sew doll bikini top

Step 3 – Lay your doll on the table and find the center of your tape. Pinch it together as shown above and tape it into place.

No sew doll bikini top

Step 4– Measure and cut your ribbon to 24 inches. Next your are going to create the neck tie straps for the top. Fold your ribbon in half and hook the loop end around your thumb. Feed the loose ends through the loop around the center of the bikini top when your are finished your top will look like the last photo shown above.

no sew doll bikini top

Step 5– Put the bikini top on your doll as shown. Tie the neck straps in a bow. Wrap the top around your doll just like in the photos above. Overlap the duck tape where you would like to place the fasteners. Peel off one of the sticky back Velcro dots and place it on top of it’s mate. Then peel it off the paper and place the dot “sandwich” on the strip of duck tape closest to your dolls back as shown. Then overlap the top strip of duck tape and press down. Your top is finished.

Now pair it with your favorite doll shorts or with the skirt you made from my July 20th post.

No sew doll outfit

This is the complete outfit made from duck tape.

No sew doll top

And this is the fabric version of the top that was featured in our Doll Pinata post in May.

I look forward to sharing more with you next week!