In the Nez Perce Indian tribe that American Girl Kaya is from in 1764 they didn’t really keep track of or celebrate birthdays the way you and I do today. There is no specific day that American Girl has declared as Kaya’s birthday, but it typically gets celebrated in the late summer. For today’s day of doll play activity (which is very late – I apologize) we are going to celebrate Kaya.

We don’t have the full sized Kaya, but this is our mini Kaya dressed in her special occasion adorned deerskin dress. Perfect for a celebration I say!

This is Holly’s full size Kaya wearing here meet dress. I just love the shell hair ties on her braids. You could easily make something similar for any of your dolls by threading ribbon or string through a button and then tying it in their hair.

Darciana posted this special photo of her Kaya on our Facebook page.

So, my activity I had planned for Kaya’s special day was to make our mini Kaya this great new tepee she could relax in along with her bedroll and a shield to go outside her tent, however, my day didn’t really go as I had planned and I ended up being home for even less time than I had expected and the tepee I made for Kaya was so bad, it was embarrassing!  So rather than show you my absolutely horrible tepee, here are some links to activities and crafts you can do to help Kaya celebrate her special day.

Follow Renita’s directions for making Kaya’s tepee, dresses like Kaya’s for girls and moccasins like Kaya’s for dolls

Learn more about Kaya’s horse and its anatomy with this worksheet

Read excerpts of Kaya’s stories, play Kaya’s games and learn more about her stories at American Girl’s website.

Download the following printable activities and crafts specifically for Kaya from the American Girl Publishing website:

Kaya Planner

Rosette Craft

Fur or Feathers


Animal Affections

Kaya’s World

Horse Race

I hope you have fun helping Kaya celebrate whether you have her in your collection or not!