If you have ever ordered doll clothes or accessories from American Girl, you probably have got some of those cool boxes with the lids that lift up lying around. Did you know they make awesome doll storage boxes? Let’s say you have a retired historical doll or GOTY doll, you may want to keep all their clothes and accessories together rather than mixing them in with all your other doll stuff. And there is no reason the storage box has to be just boring old brown either.Β  I decided to make a custom storage box for all of McKenna’s stuff and it turned out so cute, Natalie has already asked for one specifically for Julie and Ivy, and Samantha’s collection too.

Doll storage upcycle

Start by gathering your supplies. You will need a small mailing box – one that opens by lifting up, a pair of scissors, clear packaging tape, a catalog or computer printouts of the doll(s) you want to feature and any embellishments you might want to use.

Upcycle a doll storage box

I decided to make this storage box for McKenna’s collection. We have a few duplicate catalogs so I cut out all the McKenna photos in the catalog. I also had the McKenna movie flyer from earlier in the summer. I placed all the photos on the box top, moving them around until I was happy with the arrangement. Once I had the pieces dry-fitted, I used a glue stick to tack down the corners of the pieces. I wasn’t worried about making sure they were totally glued down – I just needed them to stay in one place.

Doll storage boxes

I covered the top of the box with strips of clear packaging tape. You could also use a large sheet of clear Contact paper, too. Or if you are really crafty (and I am going to have to go pick some up), you could use Mod Podge for the coating. I used coordinating colors of duck tape to cover the sides. You could cover the sides with more photos, embellishments, construction paper, or what ever you want. I cut out the McKenna title and glued it to the side of the box so we know it is hers when it is in a stack of boxes.

Doll storage box

I placed all of McKenna’s clothes and accessories into her box so it is super easy to find an outfit for her or if I want to follow one of her hair cards for a new style.

Doll clothes storage

Here is the finished box in Natalie’s room. She has built in cubbies in her room and the storage box fits nicely if I put it in lengthwise – I may need to add another label so it is evident that it belongs to McKenna.

doll storage

I tried it down in my office storage area and it works great. After seeing how much space it saves, I am definitely going to make a few more – there are two more plain boxes sitting in my office right now.

Due to the size of the box, you can easily stack them on a bookshelf, table, or in a cabinet. By labeling each box, it will make it super easy to find everythingΒ  you need for photo shoots or doll play time.